Business Mail Forwarding

With Business mail forwarding from Get My US mail, you can instantly reach the largest consumer market in the world. Want to create a business presence in the US? We make it possible with a professional Street Address, inventory management and fulfilment. Don't want your valued customers to incur the cost of shipping to your international headquarters? Use your US Street address as an intermediary. Want us to distribute your product to clients with a US address? We can do that, too.

Our US Mailbox Service provides all in one solution to allow you to use a Genuine US address to ship your merchandise to. Our Approved US Post Office Boxes will allow you to receive a dedicated US Mailing Street address that you can use for billing and shipping addresses. You control how frequent and how to ship the goods. Our rates are affordable and offer you a choice of wide network of carriers from: FedEx | DHL | EMS | US Mail | Ocean & Air Freight.

With our Free Consolidation and Free Storage of up to 30 days we can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in shipping and help grow your bottom line. Try our Small Business Mail Forwarding service today! Getmyusmail.com provider of small business, mail forwarding, po box, mailbox rental, USA Mailing Address services like no other!

Business Fulfillment

CODE: US-fulfillment


US Business Fulfillment is a service portfolio ideal for international customers who wish to buy and sell merchandise in the United States and save in shipping, processing and import taxes. The service will allow you to fulfill all your online sales via eBay, Amazon, Buy and any US marketplace rapidly while saving up to 60% in processing cost.

Minimum quantity for "Business Fulfillment" is 1.

Business Mail Forwarding

CODE: Bus100

$445.99   $299.99
getmyUSmail.com offers Business Mail forwarding for all your packages and shipments from the US to anywhere in the world, nothing is too small or too big, business Mail forwarding is based on genuine US street address and membership starts at $299.99 / Year


Digital Mail Scan

CODE: digit100

$295.00   $99.99
Digital mail scanning service for all your US mail, we scan all your letters and email to you, fast and affordable. All digital mail is safely scanned for maximum privacy.

US Virtual Office

CODE: virt100

$599.99   $499.99
US virtual office Service give you flexibility. If you are in an airport, you have access to your business through virtual office, if you are at home, your office moves there. This flexibility gives you access to your business at all the times. This is not possible in a conventional offices.



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